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Video Tutorial iLoveRobot's Mechatar Online Battle Tips

This video did get cut off but the important tips are in it.

All Mechatars need the right skills to win.

If you want to progress in Mechatars, you need a strong level. Having a strong level means playing well. Playing well means having the right idea. Here are some tips to get you going.

  • NEVER play a Blast attack first unless you are playing level 5 and under
  • After you lose a tough battle , always review what happened
  • Try to have more hp than your opponent
  • If you can get a better item than what you have, get the better item
  • Have a mix of offensive and defensive upgrades
  • Always have three upgrades
  • If you can finish your opponent with one move, do so
  • Play Rush attacks first
  • Do your best
  • Never give up a chance to win so you can see an awesome picture
  • Make allies
  • Play elemental overwhelms
  • Review the Element chart if you need to
  • Use the property strategy
  • Do daily battles
  • Keep playing
  • Play your strongest Rush attack first
  • Get an Elite Power Pack
  • Get stronger versions of what you have
  • Level up
  • Do the daily battle for your weaker Mechatar first
  • Get an Exomorph
  • Concentrate
  • Don't feel bad if you lose a battle
  • Visit the site often
  • Visit the store often
  • Study your opponents attacks and how they effect their attack chart
  • Do training battles
  • Do some missions and try to get the special objectives
  • Never give up
  • Learn your opponents weapons
  • Get a Mechatar
  • Slow down if you need to; this is not a game for the reckless!
  • Don't play moves that your opponent can easily and effectively respond to 
  • Check the damage of the attack
  • Visit the Mechatars Initiative Center
  • Figure out the elements of your opponents weapons
  • Restore energy
  • Get badges as they will help you get better weapons
  • Compare item statistics
  • Get an overall game plan
  • Think ahead several moves before you move
  • Play a Rush attack if you're facing level six and over
  • HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!