Any player will have a badge, no matter what.

Badges can be earned and allow you to have more weapons. They vary from having a Mechatar online to completing 150 Missions on a planet to doing all your daily battles. Badges are shown on the Bridge and on your social page. The bages on the social page are only your most recent ones. When you click on the more button, you will see all off your badges. On the right side will be a description and on the left side, you will see the badges themselves and a total count of your badges. When you click on a badge, the description will change to that badge. If you earned it, then you will see the picture of it and the date of when you got it. If not, then you will see the outline and how much more is needed. When you see an uncompleted badge, you would see the percentage of how close you are to getting it. The badges are divided into five categories. In order of hardest to earn to easiest to earn, they are fluxtonium, platinum, gold, silver and bronze.