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This is an Alpha on it's home planet-Zephyin.

This is an Alpha.


Mechatars Alpha

Alpha is the green, wolf-like, Mechatars . Alphas' are known for for their intelligence. They are also very swift creatures.

Unlike the Kodar, Alpha prefer to work on their own. Despite this fact, they are perfectly fine teaming up with the other Mechatars.

The other Mechatars know that they must follow an Alpha's battle plan at all costs, for no one is better at strategizing than the Alpha.


Alpha prefer these elements:

Aeros :

Strong against Magmos and Sonarus

Weak against Geos and Darkkon

Darkkon :

Strong against Sonarus and Aeros

Weak against Magmos and Lumis

Lumis :

Strong against Magmos and Darkkon

Weak against Toxis and Cryon  

Health points[]

Alpha has the lowest starting HPas the minimum is 200 and the maximum is 290    


Alpha has a base damage of 10, defense of 3 and critical damage of 5